How To Earn More Gems In Bottle Flip 3D

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One of the entertaining games that you can play right now is Bottle Flip 3D. It’s a casual arcade game where you will flip bottles towards the finish line. It’s a fun game that will remind you of the water bottle flip challenge that became popular in 2016. Though the goal of the game is simple, it’s not going to be as easy as it sounds since there will be obstacles along the way. 

Once you get over these obstacles, you complete the level and you can move on to the next. As you progress in each level, you also get to unlock more areas in the house, which means more levels to complete. But aside from unlocking and completing levels, Bottle Flip 3D also offers many different bottle skins for you to unlock and use. There are even other items that you can flip just to add more fun to the game.

There are 40 different bottle skins in the game, including the default one. The majority of these skins can be unlocked using Gems, while the others watching several ads. But 4 of these skins are only usable if you subscribed to the VIP access. If you want to unlock many of these bottle skins, you will need to collect plenty of Gems.

But how do you earn more Gems in Bottle Flip 3D? Let’s discuss this in this article.

How To Earn More Gems in Bottle Flip 3D

Gems are the game’s currency and they can be used to unlock the 26 different water bottle skins that are available. The other bottle skins are unlockable by watching ads or signing up for VIP access. But to unlock a bottle skin using Gems, you would need at least 1,000 Gems. Once you have them, the game will randomly unlock 1 skin bottle. 

So if you want to unlock all the skins, you will need at least 26,000 Gems for it. But how do you earn Gems in the game and is there a way to earn more? The usual way to earn Gems in the game is by completing a level. You usually get rewarded with 50 Gems whenever you complete a level.

But there are areas, like the area outside the house, that will only reward you with 25 Gems per completed level. Earning Gems through this method, though, will be slow. It will likely take you a while before you can earn enough to unlock all of the bottle skins using Gems. To help you earn more Gems quicker, the game has 2 ways to accumulate the currency faster.

Watching Ads – If you don’t mind spending 30 seconds watching different ads, then this way can help you earn more Gems quicker. Each ad you watch will earn you 100 Gems, so this is a big help that will allow you to accumulate Gems faster.

Get VIP Access – VIP Access doesn’t only eliminate the ads you see after playing several levels or unlock rare bottle skins, it also increases your Gem rewards for completing levels. Without VIP, the highest Gem you will get for completing a level is 50 Gems, but VIP access, that will increase by 200%, which means you can earn 150 Gems. This will make accumulating Gems faster. But you have to spend about P315 ($5.99) per week for VIP access, which can be pretty steep. What you can do is to do a 3-day trial, then play the game as much as you can in those 3 days to accumulate Gems faster. Before the 3 days is up, cancel the subscription so you don’t pay for anything. 

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How To Earn More Gems In Bottle Flip 3D

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